Do it for your children

When I was a young boy, I was somewhat afraid of my dad. He was always angry at the dinner table. Mad at his boss. When I pictured his boss in my mind, he had horns and a pointy tail. That did not prepare me for the workforce.

Fifty years ago, in his scholarly book, The Achieving Society, David McClelland theorized a society must increase the achievement need in its children before it could take a giant leap economically. To accomplish this, stories that illustrate achievement must be told, dominating influences must be removed, and warmth must be given to those who achieve.

Parents must learn before their children can learn. Good reason to read continuous improvement stories at work. Replacing complaints about work with stories of achievement reduces dominating influences at the dinner table. We are good at giving warmth for our children’s achievements.

It’s difficult for a stranger to get a job at Kobett Enterprises. The company prefers to hire the sons and daughters of its Leantrepreneurs. They have been listening to stories of achievement at the dinner table since birth!

Life is funny. Who would have thought displaying the parents’ achievements on the fridge door was just as important as displaying the child’s achievements?

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