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The Leantrepreneur

Very few shared my passion for lean manufacturing. As I was running out of challenging problems in the research lab, my employer started lean manufacturing training classes. One brave soul asked, “What’s in it for me?” Challenge accepted. Went back to school to find the answer. The solution must apply to everyone.

My other passion is hunting with bird dogs. My performance was hurting the pack; I couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with shotgun pellets. It’s irritating to walk all day and go home with nothing. I had to learn to shoot with both eyes open. Incredibly, in centuries of shotgun use, no one had invented a process to learn how to use both eyes when shooting. No wonder this is a common problem.

My lean skills, learned on the job, found a solution The Show-Me Shotgun Target (patent # 8,152,527.) Lean skills are inventing skills. If you learn to improve your employer’s products/services you will have the skills to improve products/processes off the job. Start your own company or collect royalties from others.

This process is called Leantrepreneurship. Here is my first product:

The Show Me Shotgun Target, Facebook